ISO 19443

Quality Management Systems – Specific Requirements for Organisations in the Supply Chain of the Nuclear Sector

Nuclear cc Certification – New for 2018

Nuclear cc are undergoing due process for certifying your organisation against ISO 19443

We have a quorum of identified Suitably Quality and Experienced Persons (SQEP)

We assess our SQEP capability against the requirements of global Nuclear regulations, UK SDF and ISO19443

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ISO 19443 – What is it, where does it fit, and where did it come from?

ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management System

What’s different from 2008?

  • Context of the organisation – Interested parties
  • Focused on the provision of products and services by external providers
  • Leadership and Risk

GSR Part 2 – Leadership and Management for Safety

Why is this different to GSR 3?

  • More emphasis on leadership and management FOR safety
  • Common mode of failure is safety culture, and the priorities of the leadership that drives it

ISO 19443 – Quality Management Systems – Specific requirements for organisations in the supply chain of the nuclear sector

Designed to demonstrate compliance against nuclear regulatory requirements.

Globally will allow better recognition that organisations supply chain is Nuclear focused.

  • Leadership and Management for Safety.
  • People SQEP and competence.
  • Nuclear safety culture.
  • Measurement, Assessment and Improvement.
  • Product realisation.

Enables the supply chain to demonstrate organisational capability against Nuclear Regulatory requirements.

Improve understanding of quality requirements by the suppliers.

Standardize the requirements.

Help suppliers through a unique and shared quality platform – create a high quality platform of nuclear suppliers.

Nuclear cc ‘future-proof’ all our clients; ensuring success today while competing for tomorrow