Our Clients

Working with our clients has allowed them to demonstrate organisational capability within the nuclear supply chain; resulting in improved quality and safety, and winning more bids.


Gill Marsden

Managing Director
NIS Integrated Engineering


“NIS have been designing and manufacturing plant and equipment for the nuclear sector for over 50 years. Whilst always proud of the quality of our products, it had become increasingly evident that as our Quality Management System had evolved to accommodate the changing nuclear regulatory requirements of our clients, it had also become difficult to navigate and laborious for us to demonstrate the appropriate level of compliance.

Lynn Williams, Nuclear cc Managing Director, has introduced us to a whole new way of thinking in terms of our Quality Management System.

Our organisation now understands that Quality is everyone’s role and that by introducing the Agility software platform to help us more clearly define, and in lots of cases simplify, our processes and procedures. We can now easily demonstrate our organisational capability to our clients, while carrying out our activities in a compliant manner, using competent, skilled and experienced people.”


Ewan Lloyd-Baker

CEO, Hayward Tyler Group


“Hayward Tyler Group with a nuclear pedigree that goes back to the building of Calder Hall, understands the need to keep pace with the changes to regulatory requirements, an essential part of growing a strong and robust nuclear business.

Supported by Nuclear cc through the Civil Nuclear Sharing in Growth programme, a review of organisational capability was undertaken using a specialist multi-faceted gap analysis tool.

The resulting recommendations and action plans identified and driven by NuclearCC, has enabled Hayward Tyler Group to future proof the business and increase global growth capability across all sectors.”


John Coughlan

Director/Chief Operating Officer
TSP Engineering


“The support we have had from Nuclear cc, has given us valuable insight into the understanding of complex nuclear industry standards.

As we prepare to meet the regulatory requirements of the new global standards of ISO19443, Lynn has identified opportunities through the completion of a comprehensive gap analysis of our business, and the development of a forward action plan to help address uncovered gaps.

Through formal 1:1’s and a structured SOFT reporting methodology, this has set us on the path to ensuring TSP Engineering has the organisational capability in which to grow further within the Nuclear sector.

 The introduction to the Agility business management system has given us a baseline upon which to build.  As a result, we’re able to demonstrate our people are fully SQEP and competent; as we move with Nuclear cc to the next stage of our business development and map our processes against nuclear regulations, we’re future-proofing TSP Engineering and supporting our vision to be the partner of choice.“


Austen Adams

Managing Director
Stainless Metalcraft


“We began working with Nuclear cc as part of the Civil Nuclear Sharing in Growth programme in 2014. The team helped us to prepare our business to bid for large-scale projects, providing hands-on support and workshops for our senior management, commercial and quality departments.

They played a key role helping us secure a £50m contract that has been the catalyst for significant growth across our business, and we are now working with them to ensure we are ready to meet the forthcoming ISO 19443 nuclear standard.

It has always been a pleasure to work with Lynn and her team, who have an exceptional knowledge and understanding of the industry and the challenges companies like ours face in meeting its unique and demanding requirements. We’ve learned a great deal from them since engaging them with our business and will continue the relationship beyond the CNSIG programme.”